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All information provided in this wiki is only related to YggRO2.

All info is taken from the YggRO2 forum & players/former players/GM's/Admins. Thank-you to those who contributed to those guides & infromation.


  • Goax

    Still Alive

    January 10, 2012 by Goax

    I bet most people are wondering if i am still alive or if the server is still alive. Yes both me and the server are still alive and people are still using this wiki. I am really grateful to all of those people that been posting on this wiki and adding more information. I hope this wiki help those in need and i hope people keep updating this wiki. THANKS TO ALL!!!!!!!!!

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  • Goax

    ok ppl yes i have notice that the wiki had a update. So i updated the wiki to c if the new layout would be better but it seems it wasnt so i change back to the old look. The new wiki will not be edited intil farther notice so i advice u to use the old wiki look. since Oct 20 the new wiki layout is the default layout and i cant change the whole wiki back to the way it looked. But u can change it, all u have to do is make a account or login to ur account. go to more>preference>skin>monco and save…

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  • Goax

    Slowly but surely

    June 8, 2010 by Goax

    Yo with some progress we are beginning to add some content that is useful to us players! Got the guides up for subclass, second weapon, swordy and thief rare traders r up, protips r up, the auge is slowly bing added, couple mob drops and maps! THE NEWBIE README GUIDE!!!!!! lol (bet most of u dont even read it >_>) We also got the installing guide up too. We also have a Q&A on here for players to ask question about this guide or the game.

    We got more ideas to make this a better wiki for yggro! So…

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  • Ygg Deadpool

    Well, new admin on board. Say hello to goax. Thank-you.

    Now we can get this wiki rolling out faster!

    Woo! Yeah!

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  • Ygg Deadpool


    May 31, 2010 by Ygg Deadpool

    Okay so most of the menu's have been added.

    It's content time!

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  • Ygg Deadpool

    So, the wiki is up. Slowly getting used to everything in the wikia engine.

    Yes, yes I know I said I was going to host it on my own server, but looking at the bandwidth consumption of my own site, it'd severely cut it back a lot, so I decided to use Wikia instead. Yeah, you'll have to put up with a few ads, but hell - its better than nothing, right?

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