Level Mob Name Drops
60 Last Birch Goblin Thunder Anima, Red potion VII, Armor String, Vitality Ferry Dote Ring, Beam Ferry Dote Ring, CON Sunglass Belt
61 Fifth Birch Goblin
62 Fifth Birch Goblin Thunder Anima, Challenger High Official Skirt, INT Sunglass Belt
69 Sixth Birch Goblin Thunder Anima, Anima of Darkness, Red Potion VII, Elegant Fabric, Armor String, Invincible Shuffle Long Skirt, Deception Dewfall Walkers,
Dex Serpentine Earring, Passion Serpentine Ring, High Speed Gong Boots, STR Serpentine Ring
70 Sixth Birch Goblin Thunder Anima, Anima of Darkness, Red Potion VII, Goblet Fabrics, Elegant Fabric, Vitality Ferry Dote Earring,
Deception Wet Fog Boots, Assassination Needle Thief Glove, Rage Fashion Belt, Growth Nubuck Mantle
70 Fourth Birch Goblin CON Serpentine Ring, Trust Shiny Mantle, Disturbance Shining Sand Shoes, Roaring Serpentine Necklace
71 Fourth Birch Goblin Passion Beehive Pattern Belt, Dark Needle Thief Trouser, Dex Hugeling Belt,
Dark Needle Thief Long Skirt, Trust Shiny Mantle
71 Third Birch Goblin Thunder Anima, Anima of Darkness, Goblet Fabrics, Red Potion VII, Passion Ferry Dote Earring,
Fleeing Bubble Boots, Vitality Ferry Dote Earring, STR Serpentine Necklace, Demon Mask
72 Third Birch Goblin

Thunder Anima, Anima of Darkness, Armor String, Vitality Serpentine Ring, Vitality Serpentine, Beam Serpentine Necklace,
Red Potion VII, Protest Night Dew Buckle

71 Mejonora
72 Mejonora Challenger Leather Skirt, Rage Serpentine Ring
72 Andanora Super Shining Sand Trouser, Growth Two Star Tree Mantle, Dark Needle Thief Surcoat, Growth Desire Sand Mantle
73 Andanora Beam Serpentine Earring, INT Serpentine Necklace, Growth Two Star Tree Mantle
72 Birch Goblin Magician CON Wanderer Belt, Courage Lightning Gauntlets, Beam Spinel Necklace
73 Birch Goblin Magician Talent Tarot Card Trunk, CON Spinel Ring, Talent Shining Sand Knapsack
73 Second Birch Goblin

Invincible Lightning Armor, Rage Spinel Necklace, Dark Cattle thief Surcoat, Protest Lightning Shield,
DEX Spinel Earring

74 Second Birch Goblin Deception Night Dew Walkers, Passion Spinel Necklace, Vitality Spinel Necklace, Roaring Spinel Ring,
Protest Lightning Shield, Sniping Strike Glove, Beam Spinel Earring
74 First Birch Goblin Challenger Strike Skirt, Beam Spinel Ring
75 First Birch Goblin Garlic, Fleeing Dream Boots, STR Spinel Ring, Protest Vantler Shield, Talent Tarot Card Trunk
75 Willow INT Wanderer Belt
76 Willow Vitality Nubuck Knapsack, Rage Buckle Belt, Super Stardust Trouser, Lucky Night Dew Glove
76 Birch Goblin Wizard Demon Horns, Thunder Anima, Dark Cattle Thief Long Skirt, Joy Night Dew Trouser, Agony Stardust Glove,
Invincible Lightning Long Skirt
74 Creamy (MVP) Queen Crown
78 Spirit of Manderu (MVP)